Winter Concrete Maintenance and Caring for Your Concrete Surfaces

Concrete worker spreading cement and smoothing a concrete surface Caring for Concrete in Winter Weather is important to maintain long life of concrete structures, and to get the longest possible life out of your material.

Many people experience disappointment after a harsh winter when their new concrete pavement has signs of scaling, the flaking and peeling of the concrete surface. To keep concrete scaling from happening to your new concrete restoration project, follow these steps:

Protect Concrete from Winter

  • Do not use calcium or salt on your concrete pavement, and never use products containing ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate (fertilizer). These heavy chemicals are packaged and sold as concrete de-icers, but they will rapidly disintegrate the concrete surface. Salt buildup can significantly discolor and damage concrete.
  • Avoid applying deicing chemicals to concrete that is less than two years old. Instead use sand as a substitute for harsh de-icing chemicals.
  • Don’t allow excess snow and ice to accumulate on your new concrete slab during the first winter, this will shorten it’s lifespan.
  • After the second winter use a concrete sealer to protect from heavy concentrations of salt and chloride that are unavoidable. Sealers can protect against the moderate use of chemical de-icers.
  • Use a hose to wash off the accumulation of salt deposits on newly placed driveways and garage slabs.
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