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Concrete Restoration - Spall Repair

The term “spalling” refers to concrete that has broken away from the rest of the slab. This is typically caused by moisture penetration corroding the rebar, causing a separation or delaminating of the concrete.

In order to repair a spall, we must first remove all unsound concrete from the spall area. After all the unsound concrete has been removed, we clean or replace any corroded rebar. Next, the rebar is coated with a corrosion inhibitor and the spall is prepared with a bonding agent for the new patch material. The final step is to fill the void with a high strength patching agent. Depending on the location and depth of the void, the patching agent may need to be applied in lifts, or steps. Product manufacturers and the American Concrete Institute have found that, given the correct application of products and conditions, the repair will be at least as good as the original member.

American Concrete Institute American Society of Concrete Contractors Decorative Concrete Council International Concrete Repair Institute California Preservation Foundation