Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors In New Buildings

New polished concrete flooring Polished Concrete has become the standard in new construction and the first choice for owners who are renovating concrete floors. There are many factors that have contributed to this dynamic shift in floor design and demands.

Environmental, durability, and economic issues have played a large role in tendency toward this new trend. Yet it appears to be more than a trend, it is now a mainstream design element.

Initially, polished concrete floors were almost exclusively found in big box retail stores like Costco and Home Depot.

Now it is not surprising to see these floor systems in restaurants, shopping malls, and medical facilities. Not only are commercial organizations selecting concrete polishing over traditional flooring options, but educational institutions are also making a large push to install concrete floors as a cost effective solution that will last for decades of hard use.

Many educational facilities (elementary, high school, and university), are often selecting polished concrete for their lobbies, classrooms, and athletic facilities during renovations and new construction. In addition to providing a low-cost flooring solution, these polished floors are “green” and can help create LEED certified buildings.

Being that an existing substrate is used as the floor of contact, the polished concrete floors support sustainability, promote green initiatives, and provide a good-looking long-lasting durable surface.

As polished concrete floors advance green building initiatives, the polished concrete floors create a positive interior climate allowing for thermal mass that provides a reduction in energy use. With the price and demand for energy soaring, it is great to know that an aesthetically appealing floor can lower energy consumption in buildings and save lots of money for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

The cost of installing concrete flooring starts at around 2.50 per square foot for base level materials, up to 15 or more per square foot for decorative sandblasting, advanced etching, acid staining, faux techniques, complex sawcut patterns, stenciling, multiple coats of polish or engraving. Your budget for concrete flooring depends on the finish required and the intricacy of the details in the final surface.

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