Concrete Flooring: Cleaning, Staining, Sealing

Interior concrete floor care and sealing Concrete flooring can be a wise choice for any homeowner or anyone diving into a home improvement project.

Unlike carpet, tile, linoleum or many other types of flooring, poured concrete doesn’t need to be replaced as often (or at all) if damage occurs or if the need to redesign comes about.

Concrete can be repaired, cleaned, stained, coated, stenciled, stamped, covered in epoxy, swept, mopped, buffed to perfection and so much more – the design and renew options are endless.

If you are considering adopting a concrete floor or if your current concrete canvas needs an upgrade, below are the wise reasons to make the change, and the fun customizations that can go along with it.

Repair It

There are many options for restoring concrete, determined by the type and function of the concrete needing repair, the scope and the placement. Concrete can be damaged by use, weather and outside forces and repair can be a less expensive alternative to full replacement. Repairing damaged concrete can entail epoxy or grout injections, strong patching agents, concrete mix (for smaller projects) or carbon fiber wraps.

When repairing concrete at home, contractors and DIY homeowners can benefit from convenient tools like handheld concrete mixers or convection blowers.

Clean it

Besides being necessary much of the time, cleaning concrete is another step to take to renew the look of your flooring. It’s also important in preparation for other alterations like coating or sealing. Cleaning concrete can make a world of difference with the look of the material; homeowners can use high-pressure sprayers or power-washing units or hire a  professional to use chemicals, steam, acid etching, etc. and remove things like oil stains and graffiti to create a brand new surface.

If you intend to do this at home, however, remember that different types of surfaces, such as outdoor slabs or countertops, require different types of treatment and possibly harmful chemicals. It is best to find a concrete expert to do the job for you.

Stain it

This is where the creativity begins. Staining concrete is a solution for adding lots of color, design and patterns to a floor, which can drastically change the look of a room and create a focal point for the rest of area’s decor. Homeowners who decide to stain concrete need to first understand that stain – whether acid, dye, or acrylic – results in a pattern that can be somewhat uncertain, but that that is apart of the artistic, design-conscious look that stained concrete provides.

The process varies per type of stain used; just know that waxy areas, or leftover glue, will inhibit the stain, so a thorough cleaning is usually wise. Get creative with this one – stained concrete flooring experts can work with you to achieve almost any look.

Stamp it

Stamped concrete is another very creative option. As usual, stamped concrete requires surface prep, but the results are stunning, with textures and patterns resembling other types of flooring without the hassle, such as brick, slate, flagstone, tile, or customizable patterns.

This can be done outside or inside, and colors and variations only lend to the beauty of this process.

Coat it

Sealing the floor is generally necessary after repairing, cleaning or staining, but a solid specialty coating can change the look – and function – of a concrete floor. Coatings exist in many forms but one of the most decorative and customizable forms is epoxy.

Like stain, epoxy coatings allows for endless design options and can transform the look of a concrete floor to something elegant and vibrant. Epoxy floor coatings are also long-lasting, strong and stain resistant. While furniture and feet can scratch it, many types of epoxy coatings can be buffed and cleaned back to levelness. Other types of concrete coatings lay the foundation for high-traffic areas; coatings range per use.

Enjoy it

The options to make your concrete floor completely your own are endless. Couple that with a floor that’s generally easy to clean and maintain and the benefits of concrete flooring make the decision a wise one.

There are at-home options but be sure to always be safe and consult a professional before moving forward with large operations. This is important, especially for an investment that’s sure to last many years.

Construction Concepts International (CCI) offers professional construction contractors what they need through personal service, quality products and competitive pricing. CCI is a member of the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association.

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