How to Polish Your Concrete Floor

Polished concrete and floor care Why Should You Polish Your Concrete Driveway?

You’ve been on the fence and have somewhat been thinking about polishing the concrete flooring in your home or business.  Today, we would like to show you why it’s time to jump off the fence and begin polishing your concrete flooring.

Here are some reasons why you might want to begin polishing the surface of your concrete sooner rather than later:

  • Polishing helps strengthen the surface of your concrete
  • Floor maintenance and cleaning costs are lowered
  • Your floor gains a much more attractive look because the polish reflects light, creating a much more professional look.
  • Tile and other flooring types don’t allow your floor to breathe and cause issues if moisture begins to develop in the concrete.  You won’t experience these issues if your concrete is polished and has no covering.

How to Polish a Concrete Floor

In order to effectively polish your concrete floor, it’s important to perform the polishing process in stages.  Here are the steps you’ll want to follow in order to take the look of your custom floor to a new level:

1.  Clean

Use a broom or dustpan to clear away all dirt and debris from the floor.  Dirt and debris will only cause more trouble later on, so best to remove them now and make your job much easier.

2.  Mop

Cleaning and vacuuming your floor won’t remove all the dust.  Add a mild cleaning agent to a warm bucket of water and thoroughly mop your concrete floor.  Be sure to dry the floor off before proceeding.

3.  Polish with a Coarse Grit of Around 500

A coarse grit polishing disk will remove any heavily-embedded stains.  Start at one end of your concrete floor and move from side to side until  you finish the floor.  Use circular motions, avoid overlapping, and pay extra attention to stains.

4.  Polish with Fine Grit

Again, use circular motions, avoid overlapping, and work the floor systematically like you did before.  At this point, the surface of your floor should be free from all stains, and it should also have a clean and uniform surface.

5.  Polish with an Extra-Fine Grit Disk

This is the final stage of polishing.  Use a disk with a grit of around 1,500.  Follow the same process as before, but this time, overlap the circular motions you make.

6.  Apply Your Polish

Finally, it’s time to apply your floor polish and give your floor that look you’ve been waiting for!

Hopefully, this article helped you to learn exactly how care for your concrete floor and increase its’ lifespan and your effective usage of the floor.  Concrete is one of the most durable flooring materials available, and using a beautiful concrete polish will make it look like one of the most expensive materials in your building.

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