How to Repair Cracks in Concrete Walls

Repairing a crack in a concrete wall requires a clean surface area and a repair mixture of Portland Cement. If you do it yourself, the cost will be lower and you will have the satisfaction of doing a job yourself.

First widening the hole to remove all loose material with a hammer and cold chisel. Undercut the concrete crack so that you expose solid concrete and remove all loose debris in the cement.

When the loose material has been chipped away, clean the undercut area with a stiff wire brush but do not brush the edges smooth. The rough surface of freshly exposed concrete makes a good bond for the new concrete adhesive.

After the enlarged area has been cleaned, apply the new cement adhesive with a brush. This is the same cement adhesive that can repair driveways, holes and horizontal cracks in concrete. If you are lacking a customized cement adhesive, then prime the area with a thin mixture of Portland cement and water.

You may be able to patch the crack by simply thoroughly moistening the area and filling it with concrete, but using a concrete adhesive or the mixture of Portland cement and water creates a better repair.

You can use a readymix concrete patch for cracks in cement walls that are smaller than a few inches. Apply the mixture into the cutaway area using a pointing trowel and use high pressure to force the patch mix all the way into all the crack, until you are sure all air pockets have been removed.

It may be difficult to hide the patch, since the finish on the old concrete may be difficult to duplicate, and try matching the original finish by roughing up the patched area while it is still drying. One technique is using an stiff broom, a block, or any other substance to create the desired rough finish, which can require some experimenting.

Repairing Concrete Holes

You can patch holes and in concrete walls by clearing out the concrete in the same way we showed you to undercut a crack in the above steps.

After the hole in the spalling concrete has been thoroughly cleaned and the old material cut away, apply your cement adhesive and insert the new mix into the hole with a pointing trowel, pushing it in vigorously.

Moisten the area to be patched and cure it after the patch is applied to match the surrounding area.

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