Repairing Cracks in Concrete Foundations Causing Water Leaks

concrete base The foundation of a home or building structure can fail because water in the surrounding soil is a constant pressure on basement and foundation walls, naturally creating a source for cracks in the concrete.

Signs of Concrete Foundation Cracks

  • Water stains along walls or floor, and wet cracks.
  • Efflorescence on the concrete walls, which shows up as a white or grayish ash on the foundation structure. Efflorescence sparkles because it is caused by salt deposits from evaporating water.
  • A musty odor or damp air as excess moisture in a basement smells stale and humid.
  • Any sign of mold including black, brown, yellow or green mold. Dampness and cracks directly over soil can cause quick growth of mold in underground crawl-space areas.
  • Concrete spalling from water beneath the surface of concrete, with salt deposits from the evaporated water causing the surface to flake and peel off.

Water in your concrete foundation is a difficult problem to face, and should be fixed promptly. A good concrete repair guide can help quickly fix damage and regain functional integrity.

Possible Options to Fix Concrete Cracks

Redirect the source of water coming into the concrete area by:
Reconnecting disconnected downspouts, Redirecting gutters to separate downspouts and
Increasing downspout efficiency by attaching extensions.

Install flashing on the roof and under window sills to keep water away from the concrete area and
regrade the landscaping to slope away from the house.

Install French Drains under the concrete slab or around the house and use drain tiles.

Dig a 2 foot hole around the perimeter of the concrete area, attach a waterproofing membrane, line it with smooth rocks, install perforated pipe with the holes up and fill the area with rocks.

Installing a dehumidifier and using a sump pump in the basement can remove moisture while you are repairing the cracked concrete

Tuckpoint the exterior and interior concrete walls by cleaning out old mortar from the cracks, refilling with fresh mortar, and curing with a daily spritzing in the joints with water for the first week.

By acting quickly to repair cracks, you should be able to save the concrete and retain the foundation with minimal damage.

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