The Importance of Concrete Cleaning and Steps To Properly Clean Concrete

Cleaning a concrete walkway Concrete Cleaning is a task that is not difficult if you follow these simple steps.

A concrete surface is like any other surface; eventually it’s going to get dirty. And since concrete tend to be outdoors or in garages, it can get dirt and stains unlike what you’re used to indoors. While some of those stains may be intimidating, it’s actually not terribly hard to clean. A little bit of elbow grease and some know how can get your concrete looking brand new.

Clean It Right

There are several steps involved, depending on the severity of your stains. While most loose dirt can be easily removed with just water, stains, especially oil stains, will need some more work.

The first thing you should do is sweep the concrete clean and wash it with hot water and a strong detergent. The soap binds with the dirt and hot water will loosen oils and grease and bring them to the surface. A scrub brush can be effective for smaller stains, but larger ones will require a power washer.

Smaller oil stains can also be brought up by mixing something absorbent like clay kitty litter with a solvent like acetone. Mix enough to get the litter wet and sticky, apply it to the stain and cover it with a sheet of plastic wrap. Leave it be for several hours. The poultice will break down and absorb the oil. For deeper or older stains, it may require several applications.

Biological Agents

If you have a large amount of oil on your floor, you can also resort to biological warfare. Special microorganisms have been developed that actually eat oil. They can be applied right to an oil stain, and once they’ve consumed it all, they die. This is the technology they use to clean large oil spills on beaches, and it can work just as well for your driveway.

Seal The Concrete

Now that you’ve got your concrete clean, it’s a great time to seal it. Concrete sealers will make your concrete more resistant to weather exposure, water, grease and oil stains, abrasion and deicing salts. What’s more, they will help to bring out the natural beauty of your concrete and make it easier to clean.

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