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Concrete Repair and Renovation of Industrial Concrete Infrastructure

In wake of the current economic situation as well as the devastating natural disasters that have occurred in recent times, repair and renovation of existing structures, especially concrete structures is imperative. With the fluctuating prices of real estate, many have … Continue reading

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Breathe New Life Into Your Development With Resurfaced Concrete

Concrete surfaces are present in a variety of homes, be they personal residences or a large apartment complex. Among other things, concrete driveways, concrete parking areas, and concrete patios are all very common in residences of all kinds. This is … Continue reading

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Workability Properties of Self Compacting Concrete Used as Ready-Mixed Concrete

If you are looking to repair cracking (spalling) or damaged concrete, you need to understand some of the chemical properties that make up advanced concrete finishing materials. This is a brief guide to some chemicals used in popular ready mix … Continue reading

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Which is a Better Driveway: Concrete or Asphalt?

Concrete and asphalt both have their own advantages in different situations.  Here are a few questions you may be considering: Which pavement option is better in certain situations? Which is more cost-effective for your driveway or surface? Which lasts longer … Continue reading

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Build the Right Concrete Parking Lot For Your Commercial Property

Concrete parking lots are not uncommon in the United States, especially toward the southern region of the country. Toward the northern region, asphalt lots may be more commonly seen. Asphalt is used more often in the northern region because it … Continue reading

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How to Repair a Basement Leak in Your Concrete Foundation

Your home or business has, unfortunately, begun leaking.  Perhaps there was recent flooding in the area.  Perhaps the winter snow is melting.  Or, maybe you really have no idea why the heck there is any leaking at all – there … Continue reading

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Advantages To Concrete Staining – How to Properly Stain Concrete

Applying concrete stain is not difficult and can transform unsightly old gray surfaces and make them into a pleasing work of art. Concrete staining is a more viable, long term solution over your floors than paint or concrete epoxy, and … Continue reading

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How to Diagnose and Repair Your Home Concrete Foundation

When examining a winning sports team or a successful corporation, one of the main factors for greatness is a solid foundation. This could constitute a star quarterback and a detail oriented coach or an aggressive sales force, talented engineers and … Continue reading

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Resurfacing Common Concrete and Parking Areas of an Apartment Complex

Are you the Building Manager or Owner of an Apartment Complex and need to have the parking areas or common areas resurfaced?  Have you noticed cracks, chipping, an overall deteriorated look and feel of the parking areas and common areas … Continue reading

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See How Pros Acid Stain Concrete In 9 Simple Steps

Staining concrete has actually been around for many yeas, but is just now gaining popularity. Business owners, homeowners, and designers are attracted to acid-stained concrete because of the unique look that can be created when different colors of stain are … Continue reading

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