Concrete Construction Heavy Equipment

construction trucks Here is an informative infographic outlining 3 types of trucks and equipment that you may find on a large concrete project.

Working and managing large concrete projects requires moving a lot of dirt and material, and these vehicles can help you perform these tasks.

3 types of heavy equipment:

  • lowboy truck
  • excavator
  • tractor truck

If you have a large amount of debris to remove before doing a new concrete pour you may be using a dumper truck. This vehicle is designed to carry bulk material and concrete blocks from building sites. Dumpers are different from traditional dump trucks by configuration: a dumper is an open 4-wheeled vehicle with a skip loader in front of the driver, and a dump truck has an enclosed cab in front of the load bed.

The front skip bucket can move to dump the load and a towing eye is fitted for secondary use as a tractor puller. Dumpers with special tracks are used in custom circumstances for working on nontraditional building sites.

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