Concrete Construction Heavy Equipment

construction trucks Here is an informative infographic outlining 3 types of trucks and equipment that you may find on a large concrete project.

Working and managing large concrete projects requires moving a lot of dirt and material, and these vehicles can help you perform these tasks.

3 types of heavy equipment:
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How to Polish Your Concrete Floor

Polished concrete and floor care Why Should You Polish Your Concrete Driveway?

You’ve been on the fence and have somewhat been thinking about polishing the concrete flooring in your home or business.  Today, we would like to show you why it’s time to jump off the fence and begin polishing your concrete flooring.

Here are some reasons why you might want to begin polishing the surface of your concrete sooner rather than later:
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Acid Etching of Concrete to Prepare Concrete Surfaces

concrete acid etching Acid etching is the process of applying an acid solution to a concrete surface, allowing the acid to react with and ‘etch’ the concrete.

Acid Etching of concrete is a method for commercial concrete surface preparation that will remove most surface deposits on concrete.

Shot blasting is another method to prepare concrete surfaces but requires special equipment and trained professionals, special concrete contractors. Acid etching is the best surface preparation method available for do it yourself homeowners.
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Requirements for Maintenance of Concrete Surfaces in Apartment Complexes and Housing Projects

View of public concrete courtyard with newly built modern block

If you own a large apartment complex or housing project you understand firsthand the issues associated with maintaining and fixing cracks and damage done to your concrete structures. You also understand that in order to maintain the aesthetics of your property you need to perform certain maintenance routines in order to protect the integrity of your concrete structures and prevent breaks, cracks and other structural damage from permeating the structures and resulting in an even more costly repair.
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The Importance of Concrete Cleaning and Steps To Properly Clean Concrete

Cleaning a concrete walkway Concrete Cleaning is a task that is not difficult if you follow these simple steps.

A concrete surface is like any other surface; eventually it’s going to get dirty. And since concrete tend to be outdoors or in garages, it can get dirt and stains unlike what you’re used to indoors. While some of those stains may be intimidating, it’s actually not terribly hard to clean. A little bit of elbow grease and some know how can get your concrete looking brand new.

Clean It Right
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Concrete Repair And Restoration Can Transform Your Aging Surfaces

gray sealed concrete surface If the concrete surfaces in your commercial building or structure have become stained or dirty, then concrete restoration could help you to fix these problems and make it look like new. The process of concrete restoration can make your surfaces look current and fresh, without the hassle and expense of completely replacing the concrete.

Special tools are used to effectively renew the concrete and give it a lustrous finish. Sealants can be applied, which will protect the underlying surface from water and oil stains which would quickly damage unprotected concrete. If your large industrial building surfaces are crumbling, broken and have very uneven surfaces then concrete repair is the only way to restore concrete to its original condition.
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When You Need Cost Effective Concrete Repair And Restoration

concrete floor When concrete walls, walkways, floors or driveways have become stained or dirty, then concrete restoration can help fix these problems and restore the surface to a like new condition. Concrete restoration can make your surfaces look refreshed, without the expense of replacing the entire concrete surface.

Special power cleaning tools are used to efficiently restore the concrete. Then a sealant can be applied, which will protect the concrete surface from water and oil stains, which would absorb in unprotected concrete.
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Concrete Polishing on Industrial Strength Floors

concrete polishing workers The concrete floors that you see in large retail stores and in many industrial areas. These industrial strength floors are durable, decorative, and beautiful.

With the help of your local contractor your dreams of having an attractive, very low maintenance flooring option is within your reach. When you choose concrete for your floors, driveway, garage or patio, you are limited only by your imagination. These floors can look as intricate as stone, as decorative as tile, and as creative as abstract art.
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Types of Concrete Restoration and Available Concrete Repair Options

architectural concrete patching

Concrete Restoration can include superficial cleaning or deep repair of structural concrete. The type of damage sustained by your material will delineate which kind of work will be required to restore the concrete to its original condition.

Types of Concrete Restoration
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How to Repair Cracks in Concrete

Cracks in a concrete driveway While it often seems to be straightforward, many concrete repairs are much more than meets the eye.  In the concrete repair community, it’s been said that half of all repairs last no longer than 2 years. 

We will help you determine how to make a few basic repairs, and some steps you can take to make sure your repairs last.

This will show you how to Fix Broken Concrete and Steps to Repair Concrete Surfaces.

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