Advantages of Using Decorative Concrete Overlays

decorative concrete overlays Decorative Concrete Overlays are a relatively new technique to create economical building materials that have a professional look and long lasting finish.

To add creativity to concrete projects, homeowners can utilize the skills of a decorative concrete contractor and a concrete company to ensure that their designs are exactly what they wanted. Decorative concrete contractors are able to utilize different materials and ideas in creative ways to generate interesting ideas with endless possibilities for concrete resurfacing, special concrete coatings, or concrete overlays.

You can have the exterior of your home appear like an English cobblestone street, an old world slate paving stone appearance, natural stone work, an elaborate brickwork appearance, or a geometric modern design. We can help you create realistic designs with advanced decorative concrete techniques and preview these designs with our CAD building software.

New polyurethane concrete stamps enable homeowners to create molds which mimic many kinds of natural and organic designs.

Decorative concrete is available for swimming pools, driveways, and patios with concrete resurfacing. We can help you choose the right concrete overlay for your project and create a computer simulation of what it will look like when installed.

Concrete Overlays are a good choice for beautification and restoration work. The product is a thin overlay applied as a broom finish to rejuvenate a worn out cracking driveway to give it a brand new look and enhance the existing dull concrete surface.

Concrete Overlays have an advantage because that they can be applied over an existing horizontal concrete surface to create a new look, only limited by your imagination. Overlays have unlimited variations of color and texture and can be stamped, squeegeed smooth, troweled, sprayed, and broom finished.

Overlays have been available for 30 years, and come in many forms: thin resurfacers, self levelers, stamp mixes and Microtops. Each Form has its own application method which allows the concrete contractor to be creative with the final presented design.

If you have expensive tastes but a tight budget, we can help you create interior designs using concrete overlays which exude luxury and have a high quality appearance.

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