Why Use Concrete Epoxy Seal Coatings for Commercial Flooring

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No longer should your office, shop or warehouse have bare concrete floors. Without a custom surface, concrete floors break down, and create unsanitary dust. Exposed unsealed concrete flooring is not watertight and allows chemicals to leach through to discolor and damage the concrete.

Instead use industrial floor sealing to protect your concrete flooring. Epoxy coatings seal the concrete floor from degradation and stop dust formation. Chemical resistant resin concrete floors stop toxins from soaking through the floor and allow for much easier cleaning and maintenance.

Polished concrete, stained concrete, and commercial floor tile, can get slippery. Using a concrete floor sealant coating can help with prevent slip and fall accidents and improve safety in your facility.

Concrete floor paint provides multiple options in skid-resistance that can be customized with room function and worker activity. Using durable, non skid coatings on factory flooring can reduce many safety hazards.

There are two main categories of sealers:

  • penetrating sealers (reactive)
  • topical sealers (film-forming)

Penetrating sealers are matched with substrate concrete porosity in order to penetrate the surface, be fully absorbed and form an impenetrable barrier. These sealers do not modify substrate appearance and produce a chemically reactive and bond with minerals in cement.

This reduces the amount of moisture and free silica available for alkali-silica reaction (ASR). This chemical bond blocks surface moisture as well as subterranean moisture and can reduce efflorescence and discoloring of the concrete.

Penetrating sealers can harden and increase the density of concrete, increase its PSI strength, has a permanent lifespan and are best used in conjunction with concrete diamond polishing.

Topical Concrete Sealers only protect the surface and resist penetration from liquid, chemicals, rust, oils, salts, other staining materials. Topical sealers provide visual color enhancement and damage protection but they need to be reapplied after several years. If you think that you may need your concrete floors sealed, check out some of the past projects we have done in the Los Angeles area.

Some of the main types of surface sealers are acrylic, epoxy and urethane and provide better protection against chemical intrusion than penetrating sealers.

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