Concrete Repair And Restoration Can Transform Your Aging Surfaces

gray sealed concrete surface If the concrete surfaces in your commercial building or structure have become stained or dirty, then concrete restoration could help you to fix these problems and make it look like new. The process of concrete restoration can make your surfaces look current and fresh, without the hassle and expense of completely replacing the concrete.

Special tools are used to effectively renew the concrete and give it a lustrous finish. Sealants can be applied, which will protect the underlying surface from water and oil stains which would quickly damage unprotected concrete. If your large industrial building surfaces are crumbling, broken and have very uneven surfaces then concrete repair is the only way to restore concrete to its original condition.

Concrete restoration can eliminate cleaning and sealing issues, and stabilize a building foundation in the process. Fixing broken or cracked concrete can increase the resale value of your property and save you thousands of dollars in future structural repair. Cracks will form over time in concrete, and it is difficult to predict when or where they will show up. Cracks can appear due to stress fractures, water damage, heavy loads and heavy use.

It is recommended that they be repaired as soon as they are noticed, so that they will not expand. One small crack can cause water damage, erosion and moisture penetration. Movement and structural cracks are another problem that can be fixed through concrete restoration. Deteriorated or pitted surfaces can be remedied with a special based polymer mortar, which can also help to repair delaminated and spalled surfaces.

If you need a concrete job done in a hurry, then a Perma-Patch can be applied, which will set in about 15 to 20 minutes, and allow light traffic in about an hour.

If any troubles with your concrete arise or a just a deep cleaning is needed contact us to help you make your concrete look like it was just poured.

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